ZyXEL offers first fixed LTE CPE/SOHO router in the world


ZyXEL is at the forefront of networking technology yet again in the consumer electronics segment with their latest release, touted to be the first fixed LTE (Long Term Evolution) CPE/SOHO router in the world. The model, known as the ZLR-2070S, is basically an all-in-one, multi-service gateway which leverages compact, system-on-a-chip (SoC) technology in order to deliver cost-effective, non-FPGA-based LTE connectivity to the masses. For those who are interested to know what the ZyXEL ZLR-2070S is capable of, you might want to head down to CES 2010 and check out their suite in the Renaissance Hotel for more information. Meanwhile, we’ll do our best to offer you a broader overview on the ZLR-2070S until January rolls on.

LTE is most possibly going to be the next big thing, so to speak, in wireless communications technology as it is full well capable of delivering blazing-fast multimedia connectivity on an all-IP platform. Consumers who have gone for LTE would definitely tell you the stark difference in upgrade of performance and services over Internet-enabled fixed and mobile devices that are connected via LTE. Apart from that, LTE also opens up a whole new era of connectivity across various industries which include (but are not limited to) consumer electronics, appliances, health care, public utilities and telematics.

Regardless of whether it is meant for residences or SOHOs, the ZLR-2070S aims not to disappoint by offering a feature-rich, future-proof hardware platform that is optimized for multi service. This will comprise of broadband Internet connectivity, a couple of VoIP ports, home networking through a four-port, 11n wireless switch, a USB port which allows you to hook up a plethora of devices including printers and storage. Service providers are also able to take advantage of the ZLR-2070S by enabling Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) support and other smart home automation services.

You will find that the ZLR-2070S boasts superior data rates of up to 50Mbps throughput in theory, which is much speedier compared to current 3G technologies like HSPA/EV-DO. The router’s 4G wireless connectivity makes it ideal for operators who want to offer such a service in rural or other traditionally under-served markets where new wireline deployments are normally cost-prohibitive. Apart from that, the level of portability afforded makes the ZLR-2070S perfect for virtually any scenario where customers require high-speed, multi-user Internet access in a temporary location. Bosses ought to love this as there would no longer be any more excuse for their minions to claim that there is no Internet connection in the vicinity – assuming 4G connectivity is widespread worldwide.

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