Rechargeable RC Wall Climber Space Insects


Most of us have played with a remote control car at some point.  Yet how many can say they’ve played with a remote controlled bug that can walk on walls?!  It’s the ultimate toy that you’ll never want to give up long enough to let your own kids play with it.  It’s probably best to buy one for the kids, then stash your own as well.  It’s the best of both worlds.  Just make sure it stays hidden, otherwise after they break theirs they’ll try to go after your bug.

Unfortunately, Brando isn’t letting on how exactly the bug manages to climb horizontally, vertically or upside down.  The insect charges up by the remote control and the transmitter requires a grand total of 6 AA batteries.  Which means you’ll have to keep a stock pile of batteries to keep these things going.  There are two different versions of this bug, there is the Space Beetle and then the Space Spider.  You can purchase one for $24.90.

Source: GeekAlerts