Cubic Timer is multiple choice instead of fill in the blank


If you’re tired of the usual kitchen timer, now you can pick yourself up a slightly different type.  Sure, it  still keeps the time like usual.  It just does it with a certain amount of finesse.  With a cool timer like this you could even find different uses for the timer.  Such as setting a timer to make sure your shower doesn’t run a bit too long.  That or you could just stick with the old fashioned route and put it in the kitchen to help you keep track of anything cook up.

In order to work this cube clock, you just turn the cube itself to a different side.  If you want 3 minutes, just turn it to the side with the 3.  There is also a side for 10, 30 and 60 minutes.  Then there is an LCD display to let you know just how much time is left.  This timer came from the Japanese design collective IDEA.  Don’t worry, it is actually available for purchase.  It comes in white, yellow and orange for $34 a piece.

Source: OhGizmo