CrunchPad now known as Joojoo



The CrunchPad is dead, long live the CrunchPad. Looks like the CrunchPad isn’t quite dead and buried after all as Fusion Garage responded to its legal battle with TechCrunch by announcing the Joojoo – which is basically the CrunchPad repackaged. The device will retain its familiar 12″ capacitive touchscreen while boasting a boot up time of a mere 9 seconds, featuring visual links in its menu to common websites including Hulu and Twitter while support offline versions of selected applications such as Gmail. Guess the 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor, 4GB of internal memory and Wi-Fi connectivity will be retained as well. Pre-orders of Joojoo will begin this coming Friday 11th, where it will retail for $499 while shipping anytime from 8 to 11 weeks from now.

Source: Electronista

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