Samsonite Trolley Luggage with Micro Scooter


Dragging your luggage behind you is about the most boring thing you could possibly do.  It’s just barely better than standing around watching paint dry.  Instead of wheeling around your luggage like usual, you could ride on this Samsonite luggage that happens to have a built-in scooter.  It doesn’t get much more awesome than that.  Instead of feeling weighed down and stressed, you can feel years younger as you swerve around the slow people with the normal luggage.

Luckily, if you no longer want to use the scooter or just aren’t allowed to use it in your current location, the scooter portion can be folded up.  Then you just roll it around like you normally would.  The suitcase itself is so small that it’s entirely possible you may even be able to use it as your carry-on bag.  After all, it is actually pretty slim once it’s all folded up.  Certain details on the scooter are limited though, such as where to pick one up or how much it’ll cost you.

Source: OhGizmo