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battery-eaterSo you’re a big fan of making sure the world remains pristine and green (or whatever there is left at the moment, of course) for your kids while you pass on – so apart from making sure you have a solar-powered heater installed in your home with a Toyota Prius parked in your garage, how about the Battery Eater? “A what?!?”, you ask? Why, a Battery Eater – making sure that every single bit of battery is drained completely before they’re safely disposed.

There may not be enough juice in that AA battery to power your camera, but before throwing it away, feed it to Battery Eater! As this hungry guy eats up the last bit of power, his eyes blink with delight! When he stops blinking, you’ll know the power is depleted, and you can safely recycle the battery without concern about a pile of batteries reacting. Magnetic—sticks to the fridge or filing cabinet.

Sounds like a fun $6.95 to splurge on when you’re feeling like a random purchase during this holiday season.

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Tim Pasquill Says: December 7, 2009 at 8:38 pm

actually its easy to find devices that will deplete most sizes of battery aa bats work in most clocks aaa batts will work till dead in remotes the idea of depleting batts via purposeless gadgets is some what offensive imho

Kyren Gorkian Says: December 14, 2009 at 7:23 pm

I use AA batteries in a camera. When they “die” they are used in clocks or remote controls and when they “die” again they are eaten by the battery eater. It really does suck the last bit of juice from a battery. It is a purposeless gadget but the world would be a less colourful place if only purposeful items were permitted. In such a world there would be no need for cake, bread would suffice. For information about how this type of device functions do a search for “joule thief”.

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