ACME Comrade 700 Super Portable


acme-portableThere are computers, and then there are computers. What we’ll take a look at today falls under the latter which is more special than a standard computer, since it boasts more than enough firepower underneath the hood so to speak to handle everyday number crunching and more. What we’re talking about here is the ACME Comrade 700 Super Portable machine which comes with the latest Intel Core i7 processor and motherboard alongside seven PCI-E Gen2 x16 slots which comes in handy when you’re looking forward to it working with CUDA parallel programming. Just in case ACME Portable doesn’t ring a bell, its brand name is synonymous with rugged computers as well as laptops, capable of withstanding extremely harsh operating conditions where lesser machines would have failed a long time ago.

The ACME Comrade 700 Super Portable features a trio of C1060 Tesla cards and a Quadro FX3800 card to get you started, making it the “ultimate portable platform for intensive parallel computing” on tons of data, capable of delivering nearly a whopping 4 teraflops per second. Needless to say, getting this for your Word processing and Excel spreadsheets is akin to driving a Ferrari California along a narrow, potholed road. The Comrade 700 is deemed to be the best choice to work as a portable supercomputer in the office or in the field. It will utilize PCI-E Gen2 x16 slots which offer adequate I/O interfaces to fulfill most demands for graphics or computing-intensive situations.

Apart from the above mentioned, the Comrade 700 Super Portable platform also features a couple of high-performance SAS drives. Just what advantages do SAS hard drives hold over standard hard drives? well, they’re safer, faster and more reliable for data transfer and storage. You will also benefit from half a dozen SATA-3 ports that makes it easy to upgrade your storage instantly. Other features include dual Gb LAN with teaming function, 24GB DDR3 memory, 8-Channel High Definition audio, a 1394a port, and optional Blu-Ray optical drive. All of that will be accompanied by a 17″ 16:10 LCD display that is capable of 1,920 x 1,200 resolution which is protected by tempered anti-glare glass. No worries about it functioning in the desert – it has been designed to comply with Mil-Std 810F for shock and vibration, and CE, FCC and CCC for EMI compliance.

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