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Whenever you pick up an iPhone, you can more or less be sure that you’re getting a quality piece of portable media player as well. After all, it is basically an iPod touch with the added capability to communicate with the rest of your friends and family. Having said that, there is an extremely huge market where accessories for either device are concerned (alongside the rest of the iPod family, of course, but I digress). Even average Joes these days want something better than the stock earphones provided with the regular iPhone, which is where third party earphones come in. The Comply NR-10i earphones is just one of numerous third party earphones available, where we shall take a closer look at it right after the jump.

As we know, many countries these days already have laws in place that ban the use of cellphones while driving unless you’re on a Bluetooth headset or on other kinds of hands-free solution. As for the iPhone, the Comply NR-10i will propel the hands-free iPhone experience to the next level, as you know it just oozes with quality – don’t take our word for it, just check out their five-star rating on for the evidence. Each pair will help reduce the amount of ambient noise coming in, and personal testimonies best convey the message as one consumer states, “I absolutely love these ear buds…They make my commute down Oxford Street enjoyable since I can actually hear my music or mobile conversations.”

Specially designed to cater to iPhone users, the Comply NR-10i earphones will rely on a similar patented Comply Foam Technology that is currently seeing action in U.S. Army helicopter crews in order to experience amazing noise reduction, superior comfort and secure in-ear fit, providing clear conversations and music experiences in noisy environments. After all, with more and more people picking up the iPhone all over the world, clearly (no pun intended) an audile solution for crystal-clear conversations is nigh, and the Comply NR-10i seems to deliver. Features include an integrated microphone/function switch on the cable, external music control capability and the ability to utilize the new 3GS Voice Control with the touch of a button. Expect to pick up a pair for £79.95 as it comes with one pair of slim-size Comply Foam Tips, one pair of standard-size Comply Foam Tips and a deluxe travel pouch.

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Anton Juke Says: December 7, 2009 at 1:03 am

THese earphones sound pretty cool. I’ve actually just bought a pair of iPod earphones elsewhere and they work extremely well with my iPod. The bid advantages is the comfort and the fact that it plays with brilliant sound quality. This is where i got them – iPod Earphones

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