SteelSeries Limited Edition series for Sudden Attack game


If you’re into gaming even remotely, then you’ve probably not only heard of SteelSeries, but actually drooled over a few of their devices just a little bit.  It’s alright, you can admit it here.  Well for this Christmas season SteelSeries has announced that they’ll be releasing a limited edition version of the Ikari laser gaming mouse as well as the QcK mouse pad.

Alright, so a mouse pad isn’t exactly something to get overly excited over.  However, it’s always nice to manage to get your hands on a limited edition set.  It wasn’t actually released for the Christmas season, but actually to celebrate the Sudden Attack video game.  The mouse pad features artwork from the game.  The mouse is going for $79.99 and the mouse pad for a much cheaper $11.99.

Source: SlipperyBrick