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It is time for the mad holiday shopping season yet again, where parents will find that their wallets will be hit pretty hard with the number of new toys that marketers roll out by the day, coupled with kids who have already made known their Christmas wish list to their parents a long time ago, mostly involving electronics and gadgets. Let us take a break and think about the less fortunate that society doesn’t deem as “normal”, in this case, those who need to wear hearing instruments. There is a brand new wireless connectivity system in the market that enables people who are equipped with hearing instruments to get the most out of today’s electronic gizmos and gadgets, known as the new Oticon ConnectLine system.

The Oticon ConnectLine system will boast a ConnectLine TV Adaptor and ConnectLine Phone Adaptor, where it will work via the similar wireless connectivity route used by the popular Dual, Epoq and Vigo Connect hearing instruments, working in tandem with a host of other devices including cellphones, music players and PCs by streaming audio from TVs as well as landline phones straight to a wearer’s hearing aids. This will definitely make life easier for such a people group, and it does open up new possibilities where Christmas presents are concerned.

The ConnectLine TV Adaptor is rather small and unobtrusive, measuring 2.5″x 2.5″ x 1″ in size, where it will hook up to the audio output of any TV. It also boasts a working range of up to 30 feet while being powered by its own power supply. Those who use the ConnectLine system will be able to enjoy high quality audio streaming via their hearing instruments, allowing them to listen at their own preferred volume without experiencing the delay that is normally associated with off-the-shelf transmitters. As for the ConnectLine Phone Adaptor, it will transform any landline phone into a cordless Bluetooth phone – making it a perfect welcome gift for the older folks who want to maintain their current landline phone.

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