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Everyone seems to be on a crusade these days to go green, and it makes sense anyways – after all, there really isn’t much of the earth’s ecosystem left that remains in a pristine and untouched condition. Why not take up the responsibility and help nature maintain her lushness for the next generation? Woolly Pocket Gardening Company’s mission aims to green the earth one household at a time by making gardening simple and convenient, thanks to their new Woolly Pocket garden containers. These garden containers are able to empower the average consumer to create living walls in their home or office right there on the spot without having to go through the tedious planning sessions that include making sure the drainage system works properly among others. In short, these Woolly Pocket Garden containers aim to create an instant living wall.

To get a better idea of what Woolly Pocket is all about, this is a gardening and design product that comprises of soft-sided containers for growing plants. It boasts a revolutionary design which comes with breathable sides that are able to release excess moisture and aerate soil with a waterproof lining. This in turn will help keep walls and floors dry while your plants remain moist. Woolly Pockets are so easy to use, even if you’ve “murdered” a fair number of plants in the past, this might just prove to be the breakthrough you’re looking for. Regardless of whether you want to green the inside or outside, Wooly Pocket will work just fine. They are also lightweight and can be folded flat for easy storage and convenient portability.

The Woolly Pocket breathable garden containers will leave the soil to aerate naturally, which in turn reduces the need to drain the containers while helping conserve water to further the green cause. In order to stress just how green Woolly Pockets are, they are made out of recycled plastic water bottles that are then fabricated into a wool-like material, handmade right here in the USA.

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