Woody MP3 Speaker And Radio

by Ally


Despite the fact that radios that looked like this speaker were popular a bit before some of us were even born, doesn’t mean you can’t be envious of the style those radios featured.  If sleek plastic speakers aren’t your style this Woody MP3 Speaker & Radio is a refreshing change.  It’s small enough to make it travel friendly and it does give the option to just use the radio.

This 1000 milliwatt speaker has an included 3.5 mm cable to make it easier to hook up to any MP3 player that you might use.  The antenna can work as a stand, a carrying handle or be used to pick up AM/FM radio stations.  It’s not exactly something you’d carry in your pocket since it measures 2.5” by 5”, but it’s still not a bad size.  It’ll run on 3 AA batteries and despite that it doesn’t hook up to a USB port to charge, you could always use rechargeable batteries to get that eco-friendly appeal.  You can purchase the speaker for $30 through Fred Flare.

Source: ChipChick

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