iXtreme Amplified Speaker


iextremeThe iPod (or any other MP3/portable media player for that matter) is great if you’re one who loves keeping yourself entertained whenever you wait for the next bus or train or even across a trans-Atlantic journey, but will it be of use when you host a party? Well, there are iPod speaker docks for those, but there is also another solution in the form of the iXtreme Amplified Speaker.

No speaker on the market packs such a powerful punch. Operatingthe same way as a quality subwoofer, a secret resonating chamber amplifies the speaker output through a patented expander tunnel. Deep bass and rich sound fill the room. Who knew such a rich sound could be produced from such a tiny device. Built-in rechargeable Lithium ion batteries allows you to play music louder and for longer than when using a speaker that pulls power from your player. This party is getting started.

Makes us wonder just how far your $29.95 will bring you audio-wise with the iXtreme Amplified Speaker. I must say, I do have my reservations about its capability of pumping out room shaking sound.

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