Airplane Seat Back Valet


airplane-valetGoing up on a flight is fun the first few times, but getting stuck in the air for seemingly unending hours gets boring fast, especially when you and the other few hundred people are crammed in Sardine Class…er, I meant, Economy. In order to make your journey a slightly more pleasant one, how about giving the Airplane Seat Back Valet a go?

This tote attaches to the back of an airline seat and keeps travel necessities organized and close at hand. The bag simply slides over an airline tray table in the upright position and remains open for convenient access, yet will not inhibit normal use of the tray table. The organizer has dedicated storage for an airline ticket, passport, water bottle, an iPod, and memory cards. Three zippered pockets accommodate newspapers, magazines, a netbook, and maps, while a hidden compartment with six credit card slots keeps money out of sight. When not in use, the organizer folds in half to form a convenient bag you can tote with the included shoulder strap or integrated handles. Can also fasten to an automobile headrest or be hung on a baby stroller. Made from durable, water-resistant microfiber.

Sounds like the perfect way to maximize the limited amount of space that you have in front of you. I do wonder whether this will impede passenger movement during an emergency evacuation or not though. The Airplane Seat Back Valet is going for $39.95 a pop.

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