Toilet Paper is made for Origami

origami_tpIt isn’t often that I report on advancements in toilet paper. I suppose it is a technology that doesn’t really need improvement.

The only thing you can do is just have as much fun with it. Like the novel that was written on toilet paper that we reported on a while ago. Now there is the Origami toilet paper.

I can see a few problems with this item. I mean, let’s start out with having the instructions for the origami on the paper that you will probably be using. This assumes that the product is designed for making folding paper sculptures with toilet paper. As I recall, you cannot make creases on toilet paper, and it isn’t very stiff, which is problem number two. I mean, are you going to keep perfect squares of origami folding paper next to whatever pile of magazines you have nearby?

I once heard that if you made one thousand paper cranes, then whatever desire you have will be granted. I wonder how many trips to the bathroom it would take before you eventually had those thousand cranes.

This Origami Toilet Paper costs about $5.95 a roll, which is a little more expensive than your average Charmin. I can’t help but wonder if it is as soft.