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taoI’m quite sure that most of you out there already have a veritable collection of keychains which have been amassed over the years – from conventions and events as well as cheapskate relatives who can’t think of anything better to buy whenever they go off on a holiday to a faraway place. The Tao Digital Photo Keychains are different, however, being £9.99 a pop (certainly not touristy in any way) while allowing you to view a handful of your favorite digital memories thanks to its 1.5″ color display.

With the capacity to hold over 100 of your favourite snaps, you can impress all and sundry with a surprisingly large compendium of photos in glorious 128 x 128 pixel detail. At any rate, it’s a darn sight easier than carting an actual photo album with you when you want to show people how amazing your holiday was. Anyway, these little windows into photographic history come in either black or red and are recharged via USB connection to PC or Mac. With a full charge they’ll last up to a whopping 4 hours, and even longer in sleep mode (who wants to look at photos for 4 hours at a time anyway?). Its got an internal memory of 8MB which is plenty to be getting on with.

Not too sure whether the low resolution and tiny display is enough to make it suitable for viewing with the older folks who might just find it extra hard when trying to make out just what they’re looking at.

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michaellawn87 Says: December 3, 2009 at 4:02 am

Its quite a novel concept.. but i am not quite sure how many people would opt for this because its just a key chain.. and am sure no one would want to make public their personal photographs.. coupled with that if it is a digital key chain it will surely be a little expensive(at least when compared to other key chains)and i wonder how many people would be willing to spend so much of money on it? http://www.cypress.com/

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