Spotlit LED Collar Light


spotlitI’ve seen and read about enough tragic accidents happening to Fidos all over the world as they dash out from the yard at night only to get hit by a fast moving vehicle, often resulting in serious injuries as well as death. Why take your chances with fate when you can always let Fido wear the Spotlit LED Collar Light?

Because no matter how well trained your dog is, increasing Fido’s night-time visibility while you’re on your walk is a reliable way to keep him seen and safe.These are also great for attaching to yourself or your childrens’ rucksack for visibility at night. Once on, this LED keyring glows bright white or red, or will cycle through the colours if you choose the multi-coloured version. You can press the button a second time to set the dog safety light to flashing mode and increase your pet’s visibility even further. The stainless steel carabiner clips on securely to dog collars, or backpacks so won’t come off no matter how energetic you or your pooch are, and is water resistant for going on walks in all weathers.

Available in white or red LEDs, they will both retail for £7.95 each and are powered by a couple of 2016 3V batteries. Prevention is better than cure, that much I can say.

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