Hiny Heater keeps your toilet seat warm

by Ally


I am one of those people, that’s extremely notorious for being frozen all of the time.  If I see a gadget that makes an item heated I usually am dying to purchase it.  As soon as September hits I keep a heated blanket by the couch, just in case.  That being said, even I think the Hiny Heater is pushing things a bit.  Then again sitting down on an ice cold toilet seat at 2 in the morning is sure to make you instantly wake up.

The Hiny Heater is attached to the lid and only works if the lid is down.  Yes, it is an attempt to prompt those that never put the toilet seat back, to learn to do just that.  The heater is wet-proof and uses a washable vinyl that can be wiped clean as well as disinfected with cleaning products.  This will fit any elongated toilet and attaches to the lid by using Velcro.  It has 3 temperature settings to adjust, so that you can find the proper level for you.  You can purchase the Symphony Baths SBHHE Hiny Heater for $93 from Amazon.

Source: CraziestGadgets

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