Games Gift Guide

The following gift ideas are aimed at people who enjoying playing games but not of the video variety.

Connect 4 x 4 – $17.45

Connect 4 x 4

Connect 4 x 4 is the only checkers four-in-a-row, four-player game–making it perfect for family game nights. With the new double-sided grid, you can score on both the front and back side of the game.

Game play is simple–pick a line, drop a checker in on each turn, and hope that your opponents don’t foil your strategy before you get four checkers in a row! The game has also added “blockers,” which can be used to block your opponents on both sides of the grid in one turn. However, make sure to save your blockers for when you really need them–you only get two and they are valuable!

The Connect 4 x 4 is available from Amazon for $17.45.


20 Questions Electronic Family Game – $24.95

20 Questions Electronic Family Game

Millions have played but few truly understand the power of 20Q to guess what you’re thinking. So, do you dare to challenge the all-knowing 20Q?

It’s going to take your family and friends to play along. One player selects an object and everyone else–plus 20Q- tries to guess the object. Be the one that guesses before 20Q and everyone else wins. Includes electronic game board and 50 game cards.

The 20 Questions Electronic Family Game is available from Discovery for $24.95.


Cranium Wow Game – $25.74

Cranium Wow Game

The classic game of Cranium just got an upgrade. Cranium Wow is the latest addition to the fast-paced, addictive, and downright fun family of games that manages to uncover a player’s talents–or lack thereof. Similar to its older sibling, Wow’s objective is to move around the board until you’ve reached Cranium Central, where your team completes its final activities to claim victory.

A box chock full of at least 2,172 laughs. Of course, advancing to the center of the board is where all the fun is had. Teams must work together to answer, sketch, sculpt, solve, act, hum, and more. Four card decks with 600 cards and 15 activities dictate what must be done in order to move forward–and make everyone laugh out loud. One of the great things about Cranium games is how much fun they make it to discover new talents among friends and family. With something for the artist, brainiac, actor, and wordsmith, it’s guaranteed to be a good time.

The Cranium Wow Game is available from Amazon for $25.74.


Toppling Tetracubes Game – $34.95

Toppling Tetracubes Game

This game challenges players to carefully balance tetracubes on a wobbly platform before time runs out and the platform begins to quake, sending the tower tumbling down. The game announces the color of the shape that must be played, and a player attempts to add that tetracube to the stack and quickly press the button to avert the tremors. If the stack is inadvertently knocked over, you can ward off defeat by rebuilding the tower before time ticks away. The allotted time decreases after each round, and three levels of difficulty allow the game to be customized for different skill levels.

The Toppling Tetracubes Game is available from Hammacher for $34.95.


Super Mario Chess Set – $39.99

Super Mario Chess Set

Ok, we could make up stories about Mario and chess and how much fun it is to combine one of the most beloved franchises in the video gaming world with one of the most classically wonderful thinking game in the universe. But we won’t. And we won’t for one reason, and one reason only: Luigi. Something shocking has been revealed with the Super Mario Chess Set that is going to rock the gaming world forever.

The Super Mario Chess Set is available from Think Geek for $39.99.


Khet Laser Game – $39.99

Khet Laser Game

On a recent archaeological expedition near the Great Pyramids of Egypt, the ThinkGeek R&D department made a shocking discovery. The details will be published in a few months, but we couldn’t wait to share what we found: the favorite game of the Ancient Egyptians was made of plastic and mirrors, and used lasers. Yes…lasers! It was called Khet, and once again it is available for all to enjoy.

The Khet Laser Game is available from Think Geek for $39.99.


Destruct 3 Demolition Game – $54.99

Destruct 3 Demolition Game

There’s some satisfaction to be had in destruction. Yeah it’s a guilty pleasure, and luckily video games do help to satiate the need to wreck and blow up stuff. Now the Destruct 3 Demolition game makes destruction the objective in a board game format. Simply roll the dice to determine your wooden weapon and attack the center block tower. You can use a ramp, wrecking ball or catapult to accomplish the demolition. Knock blocks to the outskirts of the playing field to gain more points. Ahhh… satisfying destruction at it’s best.

The Destruct 3 Demolition Game is available from Think Geek for $54.99.


Racing Marble Obstacle Course – $79.95

Racing Marble Obstacle Course

This is the marble raceway that allows two children to compete in an exhilarating, timed run as they each start a marble down its own twisting, obstacle-laden track. Competitors release both marbles with the press of a button which simultaneously activates the clock at the finish line. Assembled from 420 plastic pieces, each marble encounters two sets of spinning wheels, three sets of dips, a chicane, and a corkscrew, a “tire” course (similar to how a ball randomly falls through a pachinko machine), a lane switching trigger, and a pair of weighted levers. When a marble reaches the finish line, the clock stops and flashes “Winner” on its screen, accompanied by cheers.

The Racing Marble Obstacle Course is available from Hammacher for $79.95.


Mindflex Game – $173.00

Mindflex Game

Mindflex–featuring a headset that reads your brain waves and a levitating foam ball–is the kind of game that must be seen to be believed. Recommended for players aged eight and older, the game begins when you strap on the headset so you can use your powers of concentration to move the ball around the game console and through a mind-bending obstacle course. A dial-in console lets you to keep the ball lifted on a cushion of air, but raising and lowering the ball must be accomplished by alternating concentrating and relaxing your mind.

The Mindflex Game is available from Amazon for $173.00.


Gumball Foosball – $1500

Gumball Foosball

This is the only foosball game that is played with chewable gumballs. Gumball machines atop each goal send the bubblegum onto the pitch, allowing players to engage in rapid table soccer with tasty confection. After each goal, the gumball is dispensed from the side of the table as a reward for the goal scorer’s superior foosball skills. Eight solid-metal, chromed control rods glide easily in their slots, allowing fluid movement and fast wrist-action for traditional foosball shots including pull, push, and rollovers.

The Gumball Foosball is available from Hammacher for $1500.