Concrete Cloth can set underwater

by Ally


Fabric of any kind can rarely be described as anything remotely awesome.  However, this concrete cloth mixes things up quite a bit.  It’s a special type of cloth with concrete built into it. At first it’s flexible and will move just like fabric.  You can drape it over a chair and it’ll fall where you want it.  However, add an extra ingredients to it and it hardens right up, just like normal concrete.

This Concrete Canvas was originally created for Concrete Canvas Shelters.  With the cloth you could build your building with only water and air for construction.  It probably has plenty of other things it could easily be used for though.  One added bonus to the cloth is that you can never use too much water, which is an issue with normal concrete.  This stuff can even set underwater.  The fabric is also fireproof and chemical resistant.  All you have to do to use it is add water and it will harden.

Source: OhGizmo

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