Windows Mobile 6.5 gets new keyboard and capacitive touchscreen


windows-mobile-65The Windows Mobile 6.5 platform which is far behind other operating systems where smartphones are concerned aims to bridge the ever widening gap by rolling out a new update which boasts a new keyboard and capacitive touchscreen. This stopgap arrangement might not be enough for users as they patiently wait (although such patience could very well start to grow thin) for Windows Mobile 7 that ought to be released sometime in the second half of next year. Apparently, a test build of the Windows Mobile 6.5 OS comes with a completely overhauled keyboard, supporting larger keys to facilitate finger input, while boasting a wide range of layouts for certain contextual situations. Could this help turn things around for Microsoft? Only time will tell.

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HTC Downloads Says: June 23, 2010 at 7:56 am

Hey this is just great, had a good read on this!

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