Monster Monster Laptop Stand gives your laptop crab legs

by Ally


If you enjoyed the scene in Transformers where all of the gadgets come alive, then you’ll probably get a kick out of this laptop stand.  It doesn’t actually make your laptop come to life and try to walk away, but it sure looks that way.  With this on your desk it’ll make your laptop look as if it’s going to dart out of the room at any given moment.

The stand is said to keep your laptop cool and therefore extend the life of the laptop.  It’s hand crafted from laser cut acrylic and has rubber feet to protect the computer as well as the desk.  It does require a little assembly when it arrives at your home, but it’ll only take a few seconds to do the job.  You can choose to get this in red, but it also comes in clear as well.  The stand is made to fit 15” through 17” laptops.  There will be a 14” version coming out soon though.  You can purchase the Monster Monster laptop stand for £26.99 or about $44.  Don’t worry the stand does actually ship worldwide.

Source: Gadgettastic

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