Fragrance Diffuser Lamp is touch-controlled


Sometimes houses just have a mysterious smell.  Be it due to pets or because you can’t seem to find that pizza box from last week.  Either way, sometimes you really need your place to smell nice to impress the occasional important person.  These lamps will not only offer you a nice reading lamp, but it’ll also subtly fill your home with an aroma to disguise any strange smells.

The Electric Fragrance Diffuser uses an oil warmer to deliver the aroma.  You have to place a fragrance oil or wax tart in the lamp, those aren’t included.  Then you plug in the lamp itself and touch the base.  By touching the base it’ll heat up the wax/oil and also give a warm glow.  The touch sensor has 3 stages that’ll let you make the smell even stronger.  You can purchase the lamp for $19.69 from UXSight.

Source: TechChee