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Many people would love to have all the power and flexibility that a desktop PC can provide on a notebook or even netbook platform that is light enough to tote around, but current technology still cannot offer that to the masses as desktop replacement notebooks are more often than not way too heavy to lug around on a conference floor (CES attendees ought to know that), while netbooks are too casual for serious on-the-go working moments. A middle ground comes in the form of a notebook docking station which, while it won’t be able to offer all the characteristics of a powerful desktop, it is capable of addressing the connectivity options of a notebook by expanding it with a fair number of additional ports while helping keep your notebook running nice and cool. Enter the DeskBook Pro Docking Station from Zenmo which we’ll look at in further detail right after the jump.

Zenmo’s DeskBook Pro Docking Station boasts unrivaled connectivity and introduces ModBay technology, where the latter will enable the DeskBook Pro to support internal connection of hard drives, batteries and peripherals. Not only are ModBays highly portable, they also offer convenient access to additional power for the dock whenever you are on the go or out on the road. The DeskBook Pro with ModBay technology makes for the logical (and perfect) upgrade path for future peripheral connectivity in a portable, elegant and slim profiled design without having to make you look more like a geek than you already are. Traveling with the DeskBook Pro to complement your notebook also gives you the luxury of leaving all your peripherals plugged in, helping you save crucial time from all the plugging and unplugging of multiple devices each time you want to use your device.

The DeskBook Pro docking station is a control & command center for your digital world, bringing the following connectivity options to the table (literally and figuratively) :-

  • 7 USB Ports
  • 3 FireWire 800 Ports
  • 1 FireWire 400 Port
  • 1 DVI Output
  • 1 Ethernet Port
  • 1 ESATA Data Connection
  • 1 ESATA Power Connection
  • 1 Audio Stereo Input
  • 1 Audio Stereo Output
  • 1 Flash Card Reader
  • 2 ModBays

It will play nice with any Mac or PC notebook as long as they are no larger than 15″ in size and come with FireWire and USB capabilities. You will be able to place your pre-orders for the DeskBook Pro Docking Station for $499.99, where shipping commences in early January next year.

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