First Intercontinental Jetpack Flight ends with Mediterranean Splashdown

by Mark R

jetman_splashdown-thumb-550x206-29149Sure, we all want a jetpack, and I think we all know that the ones out now are only good for short distances. Like Charles Lindbergh, someone has to be the first to make an intercontinental jetpack flight to really get jetpack technology off of the ground.

This was what Yves Rossy was trying to do. Rossy, who is also known as Jetman, is the first man to ever cross the English channel on a jetpack, and he is trying to do the first intercontinental flight on a jetpack.

Or should I say was trying. Sadly, Jetman had to literally take a dive as he was forced to splash down in the Mediterranean Sea. It’s kind of sad, because Rossy wanted to fly from Tangier in Morocco to Tarifa in Spain, which is only one mile longer than his English Channel flight.

I’m not certain what would have happened if he would have made it. I mean, how would he have crossed the Atlantic? Could he have crossed the Atlantic from Spain and landed in New York or some East Coast city?

You know what this reminds me of? The Rocketeer. Yeah, I suppose that would be the king of jetpack movies, and I believe that, in the film, the Nazis’ ultimate goal for their jetpack was to cross the Atlantic in order to invade the United States. Jetman’s motives are nothing but pure publicity.


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