Mechanical Music Box Set goes for a vintage twist on music

by Ally

mechanical music box

Sometimes it’s hard to find the right gift for someone, especially if it’s someone with a great deal more cash flow than you.  Well if they happen to be a serious music lover, especially if they’re a collector of strange or classic musical devices, this would be perfect.  It’s not exactly cutting edge technology, but enjoying music in a different way than usual is always fun.  It’d even be great to let kids watch how it works.

This music box comes with music sheets.  In order to get it to play what’s on the sheet you just punch out notes on the sheet with an included hole puncher.  Then you just take that sheet and feed it through the device while you turn the crank.  It’ll then play the notes that you’ve put on the sheet.  The music box comes with one sheet that has the Happy Birthday song already printed onto it.  You can purchase the it for $16 through Urban Outfitters.

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Warren Jones Says: May 23, 2010 at 6:59 pm

I wanted to buy the mechanical music box from Urban Outfitters. Unfortunately, when I tried to place my order, I was told that they didn’t have the color I selected. Well, this answer didn’t make any sense, so I tried to get in contact with Urban Outfitters to tell them that. Using Google, I did find an Urban Outfitters, but their business seemed to be manufacturing dresses for teenagers.

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