More Augmented Reality! This time on Coke Zero

by Mark R

199701-Coca_Cola_Avatr_packagingI believe that I have covered the action figures from James Cameron’s Avatar film will feature Augmented Reality (AR), and now will be used on Coke Zero cans.

If you haven’t seen Augmented Reality yet, then you are really missing out. In all honesty, I’m sort of tired of explaining it because I report on it every time someone puts out a new use for augreal (that’s my name for Augmented Reality, and it will catch on, I know it). Anyway, I called augreal the “coolest gadget ever” at last CES, and it has just recently been on display in Esquire’s December 2009 issue.

I’ve included a video of it after the jump so you can see how it works. It begins with an ordinary guy just drinking a Coke Zero in front of his computer, when his webcam zeroes (no pun intended) on the symbol. He then sees a flying craft that he can control by moving his drink around. What happens next is just unbelievable, and I’m sorry the sound didn’t quite work.

Yes, this AR symbol that you see on the right is going to be on 140 million bottle-shaped cans, 30 million fridge packs, and countless other merchandising tie-ins everywhere. I believe that there are plans for Avatar augmented reality cards at McDonalds.

So, it looks like Augmented Reality is getting bigger. I really hope that the Avatar movie is worth the wait.

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