The PXDUO-65P Interactive Plasma Display

by Mark R

StarboardApparently, Hitachi is not just satisfied with their Starboard FX-77GII interactive whiteboard, but is now marketing a similar product with the PXDUO-65P “interactive plasma display”.

This product is somehow able to take a normal plasma display and “turn it into an interactive multi-touch screen” to allow users to “control and navigate applications with their finger, electric pen, or other object”.

From what it sounds like, it is a 65-inch screen that is transparent, and goes in front of a regular screen. From there, I’m guessing it syncs with that regular screen. I say “guess” because the press release is sort of vague as to how the plasma overlay works.

The PXDUO-65P has 16 function buttons, with 14 of them customizable. It includes a three-button electric pen that are customizable for mouse functionality.

All and all, this device is one very unique device for presentations. However, I’m still a little confused as to why it has to be put in front of another screen in order to get it work. Can’t you just use the screen you have?

Well, there is no word when this product will be out to the general market. I really hope that they have this and the Starboard FX-77GII on display at CES. These Press Releases are doing a lot to stimulate my imagination, but I really want to see them in action.


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