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digital-video-memoMaking reminders or memos for yourself (as well as others) often come in many forms – some of us use Post It notes, while others leave a handwritten note using a piece of recycled paper or an envelope. Others stick reminders via fridge magnets, but how about one with both visual and audio cues? The Digital Video Memo fits the bill nicely here.

Designed with pen-dodging dummies in mind, this idiot-proof magnetic gizmo allows anyone who can press a button to record a single 30 second video message. It’s a doddle – no pens or scraps of paper required. Once you’ve recorded your message a flashing LED alerts passers by. All they have to do is press the ‘play’ button – easy! Think of it as a high tech sticky note with a 1.5” LCD screen, built-in vid cam and USB rechargeable battery.

Of course, it might end up as something negative for this £29.99 device considering moms who would love to find another avenue to nag their kids as well as husbands. Good thing there is no auto-play loop here…

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