Darth Vader Breathing Keychain


darth-vaderYou know one of the signature sounds in movies will always include Darth Vader’s heavy breathing, and I can still remember the goosebumps I got when Darth’s first labored breaths were shown in Episode III right after the medical droids did a number on Anakin Skywalker. Well, you can now carry a portable reminder of that breathing with the new Darth Vader Breathing Keychain.

Because other than hold your keys together, the Darth Vader Breathing Keychain has only one purpose: to make Vader breathing noises! One push will get you 3 loud, deep Vader breaths. Why three? Because that’s all Vader needs to drive any point (including that of his lightsaber) home. The Darth Vader Breathing Keychain is great for intimidating your subordinates, for bringing a bit of Star Wars levity to any boring meeting, and for Star Wars prank phone calls.

Interested in getting one? They’d make for great and affordable Christmas gifts at $12.99 each.

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