Extend and bend your minutes with the Stretch Clock

by Ally


It’s just another day in the gadget world and another clock meant to bend your mind.  No one really knows why they insist upon creating clocks that do nothing but make your head ache.  However, they keep on doing it, so there must be plenty of people out there dying to snatch them up.  At least with the Stretch Clock you won’t be stuck staring at the same boring clock you see in every office and home.

The stretch clock is meant to bend and extend the minutes of your day.  Those hoping that time will fly right by should probably keep away from this clock.  The clock comes with a cardboard template with four pegs.  Those pegs and the template allow for you to stretch the clock yourself from 9 inches on up to 12.  You can hang it asymmetrically or in a square shape.  To purchase the clock it’ll cost you $50 through Uncommon Goods.

Source: CraziestGadgets

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