19 MPH Skateboard


skateboardLove skateboarding as it is your main mode of transport to get around if the distance ain’t too far? The 19 MPH Skateboard might just be your cup of tea, simply because it can hit a top speed of 19 mph from a standstill in just four seconds. Yes, that’s right – too bad you don’t have any railings to hold on to during the acceleration period!

Powered by a 36-volt battery, the skateboard’s 600-watt motor provides enough horsepower to propel riders up to 225 lbs. over smooth terrain–even uphill (Play Video). At a hefty 40 lbs., it is built as a classic longboard with a kicktail with 4″ diameter solid urethane wheels and flexible trucks allow you to carve 8′ turns. A patented handheld wireless trigger remote provides digital proportional control over your speed; pulling the trigger accelerates and moving it forward brakes. The 10 1/2″ wide, resin and maple veneer deck is textured with a non-skid surface that provides reliable footing. The rechargeable battery can be removed and provides a range of 10 miles from a four-hour charge using the included adapter.

You can pick up the 19 MPH Skateboard for $599.95 – pretty pricey, but the novelty factor is always there!

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