Pantech Impact to arrive in US from AT&T


pantech-impactPantech intends to create an impact among cellphone users in the US with their latest release from AT&T – ironically, the cellphone itself has been named “Impact” for obvious reasons. This being the second Pantech handset to arrive in store shelves this coming holiday season, you will be able to choose from a couple of colors, where they are bright blue and soft pink. This cellphone will sport a totally new form factor that has never been found in AT&T’s stable of quick messaging phones, boasting a high-gloss faceplate with a haptic response touchpad, a couple of displays to keep up with the current trend, a full hidden keyboard as well as a bunch of the latest social and multimedia options to make sure that Gen Y folks remain connected in a fun manner all the time.

Impact offers a totally new user experience right from the get go, where its shiny blackout exterior is surrounded by textured blue or pink detailing. Every time the touchpad which is located below the screen is pressed, it will automatically spring to action, coaxing your hand to provide the finger taps it so craves in order to “answer” with a soft, tactile buzz. This allows the Impact to play and control music, make a call, or send texts without the need to open the phone.

The Impact also comes with a sideways flip that opens up to reveal full QWERTY keyboard which makes it a snap to compose those long winded emails to your Aunt Martha in a flurry, while even traditionally long text messages would fall prey to your brilliantly fast fingers as they dance across an all-too-familiar keyboard layout. Apart from that, you will also get a range of shortcut keys that make room for one-touch access to IM, text, email, and switching between applications. The second full-color display screen is great for viewing videos, friends’ profiles and flipping through images, while either side of the display houses speakers that makes tuning in to your favorite songs a joy. The Impact will retail for a surprisingly affordable $99.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate for a new 2-year contract.

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