Parrot Digital Messaging Switch Plate


When you’re slightly forgetful by nature or have a family that never listens, you have to find ways to get creative.  Be it an overabundance of well placed notes or buying yourself a gadget to make life a bit easier.  If you’d like to give the gadget route a whirl, this one is definitely creative and still affordable as well.  It’ll leave a reminder straight from your mouth that activates every single time they flip the switch.

The Parrot Digital Messaging Switch Plate might be a little maddening after a while.  Plus, a 20 second long limitation on the message allows for any prankster within your home to record anything they choose.  In order to install it you just find an existing switch plate and install this one with the two screws instead.  It requires 4 AAA batteries to keep powered, which also probably means you’re going to get to unscrew the thing every time the batteries die.  You can purchase the switch plate for $9.99 through Kotula’s.

Source: Bookofjoe