Learn and Grow Robot

learn-n-grow-robotKids just want to have fun, and what better way to learn than through toys and play? After all, don’t deprive your little one of his/her childhood with just books and more books – let them run wild at some point in order to go through the school of hard knocks. In the meantime, the Learn and Grow Robot might be just the thing to help them develop their mental faculties.

The Learn and Grow-Bot is soft and cuddly and packed with features for baby to explore. Each of the four buttons on his chest emits a different silly robot sound. Your geekling will learn cause and effect every time he presses a button and activates a wacky sound. His legs are hinged and attach with Velcro, so they can move back and forth or hold the robot upright. Yes, unlike lesser plushies, this one actually can stand on his own two feet! But we’re not done with awesome robot features. This robot’s arms and collar spin and the lace-up doors on his back reveal a panel of shiny, crinkly material. Got a genius on your hands? He can learn to tie his own shoes with the Learn and Grow-Bot!

Retailing for $19.95, the Learn and Grow Robot will develop sensory, motor, cognitive and social skills. Good only for babies aged 9 months and older – admit it, as a 32 year old you still can’t resist having a go at that crinkly materials plastered all over.