Imation offers Pro WX first wireless USB external hard drive



Imation has always been at the forefront of things where storage medium is concerned, and their latest release is yet another first (and possibly another feather in the company’s cap) – the Pro WX wireless USB hard drive. Based on Imation’s platform of external hard drives, the Imation Pro WX drive – despite not being tethered to your computer, will still be able to offer the convenience of fast data transfer rates, speed and capacity required in today’s graphics and data intensive environments, maxing out at 1.5TB of storage space. Great news for everyone, but we can’t wait for the next generation device already which should be in the works to go along with the USB 3.0 when it rolls out.

The Imation Pro WX Wireless USB hard drive brings together a combination of speed, capacity and security in a convenient 3.5″ form factor, capable of hitting a Wireless USB data transfer rate of up to 15MBs/second at best – this translates to backing up a standard CD within 50 seconds. Apart from that, the Pro WX wireless hard drive also exhibits an innovative one-to-one connection which limits the possibility of signal interception while giving you a peace of mind as one can back up data securely within a 30 foot radius in a manner that is not too different from that of a direct attached storage device.

Each purchase of the Imation Pro WX Wireless USB hard drive comes with an integrated stand that allows you to place it in either a vertical or horizontal position. Apart from that, you can tell at a glance just how much storage space it has left within thanks to a low capacity/data activity indicator lights that makes it easy to identify data processes. Built-in sleep mode is thrown into the mix for energy conservation, while one-touch, backup sync buttons virtually makes it dummy-proof for one to backup the drive’s contents automatically. Compatible with both Mac and PC platforms, the Imation Pro WX wireless USB hard drive will retail for $449.99.

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Mike @ewirelessharddrive Says: September 4, 2012 at 2:37 pm

I must admit that Imation Pro WX is not a wireless hard drive that I have come across before. But as you point out it has some great features like the data transfer rates. It’s slightly more costly than some other wireless hard drives on the market but one well worth considering.

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