Last Week’s Coolest Gadget Winners are…


The winner of last week’s coolest gadget competition is the Printbrush, The World’s Smallest Mobile Printer.

Printbrush is a handheld printer that remembers its positional coordinates when it is placed on a sheet of paper. As you wave your hand across the page, Printbrush deposits ink on the page in 600 DPI. Printbrush is flexible enough to print on any flat surface including fabric.

Congrats again to coated.

Playable Guitar T-Shirt
In second place we have the Playable Guitar T-Shirt.

Not content with the sheer awesomeness of a t-shirt with a playable guitar, ThinkGeek designed the shirt to play power chords with a simple strum of one of the two magnetic picks. You know you will eventually lose one, so they included an extra one just in case. This shirt is like playing Rock Band on your chest – if you were Angus Young – and you knew how to play power chords.


Ramphos’ Flying Boat – Drive, Float Or Fly
Finally in third place comes the Ramphos’ Flying Boat – Drive, Float Or Fly.

It must be exciting to drive one of those in your water sport session, but not all countries allowed their citizen flying using a boat! And an Italian company, Ramphos, has created three wonderful model of flying boats, namely the Hydro, Trident and Amphibian.


Thank you to everybody who voted, submitted, commented or told a friend. The randomly drawn winner of the $50 Think Geek vouchers is:

tru (truo…@…), congratulations.

Thanks again everybody and good luck with the next CGOTW contest on Friday.

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