StrapYa Music Card MP3 Player with built-in speaker

by Ally


Strapya’s products at best could be described as eccentric most of the time.  This product is definitely odd, but it would actually be useful.  It’s so thin you could easily carry it around or lose it for that matter.  Plus it’s not only an MP3 player that’ll play all of your music through your headphones, it also has a built-in speaker to play your music out loud as well.  Sure, it’s not going to be the highest quality of gadget out there, but it at least plays your music.

The Music Card MP3 Player has a few different versions, like the cassette tape look, the credit card and the camera version.  It has a 2.5mm headphone jack and comes with a pair of earphones that will fit the device.  If your headphones won’t fit the 2.5mm jack, it also ships with a 3.5mm adapter.  You can plug it into the USB port of your PC or Mac to upload MP3 or WMA files.  You can hold up to 2GB of music on the internal memory.  You can purchase it through Strapya for $26.40.

Source: Crunchgear

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