R/C Wooden Puzzle Dinosaurs


rc-dinoWe’ve all seen puzzle dinosaurs made out of wood pieces before, but ThinkGeek takes things to the next level with their range of R/C Wooden Puzzle Dinosaurs! While they come with less parts than a real dinosaur skeleton counterpart, it will definitely freak your friends out as they see it move around, making them do a double take and pinch themselves as they look around your home to see if other miniatures have a life of their own ala Night at the Museum.

First you must assemble of course, but once you’ve jacked in the included motors and electronics you’re ready to rumble. Not only can you control your dino’s movements via remote, he (or she) roars and reacts to sound.

There are three play modes to choose from – demo, free and R/C mode. You will require a mix of AA and AAA batteries for the whole thingamajic to work with each other, where you can choose from the T-rex or stegosaurus models for $39.99 a pop.

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