NoiseBuster Active Noise-Canceling Hearing Protector

noisebusterResearch has shown that most men have shorter lives than women due to the type of lifestyles they lead – including late nights of boozing with their mates, being in a high-pressured job, undergoing plenty of stress as he wonders how is he going to pull his family through a crisis, and perhaps even engaging in crazy stunts and sports for that bit of adrenaline rush. Well, most men too would be involved with the use of power tools, and is tasked with mowing the lawn with NASCAR race attendance as his reward. Some of those activities mentioned do involve being exposed to high levels of noise at any one time which if left unchecked, could lead to permanent hearing loss many years down the road. With Christmas coming up in slightly more than a month, why not give dad the protection he needs with the NoiseBuster Active Noise-Canceling Hearing Protector? This professional-grade, high-performance equipment will merge a passive earmuff with active noise-canceling electronics to deliver overall noise cancellation performance that is unmatched by any other hearing protector.

Apart from its superior noise cancellation, the NoiseBuster is full well capable of delivering awesome audio, essentially making this a great 2-in-1 audio choice – to prevent you from running a higher risk of hearing loss, while enjoying your favorite tunes in greater detail as it blocks external noise. Not something we would wear when going jogging or cycling though, as those activities require you to hear what’s going on outside just in case you end up as roadkill and a statistic. The NoiseBuster allows one to listen to music or the ball game without overamplifying or distorting the signal in order to compensate for the noise.

The NoiseBuster PA4000 is currently priced at $149, and if you happen to fork out that kind of money for it, you will be pleased to know it will come with a hard carry case, an audio cable and an AA battery to get you started right out of the box. All web purchases will automatically get a 10% discount, so what are you waiting for?

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