Neo e-board from Xero is the one

by Mark R

eboard-neo-11-18-09-thumb-550x286-28739The Xero e-board Neo is one of those products that is a specific niche audience. As it is, I am not one of those who wants to get on a skateboard and go 14 miles per hour.

Yes, this is the e-board, an electronic skateboard that can be charged up in three to four hours, and then go about 13.5 miles from there.

Of course, if you are going to make a motorized skateboard, then the skater is going to have to control it somehow. This is why Xero created a controller that resembles slot car racer controls. However, they gave it a disturbing shape…a gun.

Just a friendly bit of advice. If you want to put this skateboard in a carry-on…don’t. Even if the airport is ten miles long, walk to your connecting flight. Do you honestly want someone from airport security to find this? Chances are, they will keep you holed up in a cell until they find the rest of the gun.

Also, I wonder what that ring is on the side? It looks like a pin to a grenade. Geez, the odds of this skateboard being a weapon is just increasing.

If you are looking to purchase this guy, it will cost about $360 at the Xero website.


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Neagle Says: November 22, 2009 at 10:29 am

That controller is just a bad idea. It destroys the marketability of the product.

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