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Android-powered phones are gaining traction slowly but surely, and it is encouraging to see more and more manufacturers jump on the Android bandwagon as they attempt to break the growing stranglehold that the Apple iPhone has on the world of smartphones. One of the latest players would be the Saygus VPhone which is tipped to make its debut at next year’s CES in Las Vegas, having picked up the CES Innovations 2010 Design and Engineering Awards already under the “Best of Innovations” in the “Wireless Handsets” category against other top smartphone manufacturers. What makes the Saygus VPhone so special? Well, it is touted to be the first two-way video calling capability handset in the US, where we’ll look at it in further detail right after the jump.

We can more or less expect it to arrive as a CDMA device via Verizon’s Open Development Initiative (ODI), making the Saygus VPhone is the latest Android phone that will target both casual consumers and businesses alike. It will feature a couple of cameras to get you started, where a 5-megapixel shooter with auto focus and flash alongside a VGA forward-facing camera for video calls. You also get a bunch of other notable functions such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, USB tethering and the ability to hook up to 8 devices simultaneously including laptops and MIDs, making it function as an access point, USB host and client capability. The inclusion of a slide-out keyboard that boasts a large keypad and raised keys makes it easier for typing out those text messages and emails replies in double quick time, while the display boasts a screen resolution which is double that of the iPhone.

Saygus is able to offer two-way cellular video calls at 24 to 30 frames per second (fps) in excellent resolution thanks to its proprietary low bandwidth video calling technology. In fact, the VPhone has also been tested on other devices and other cellular networks implementing video calling at 2.5G EDGE data rates without missing a beat. Saygus hopes to offer quality video calls to other devices and networks in the future, making video calls a staple worldwide. No idea on pricing though, but hopefully it will come with a sweet price tag.

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