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How many of you take your portable music listening experience seriously? As in, the moment you unpack your newly purchased portable media player, you chuck away the pair of headphones or earbuds packed within and put on a jacket, ready to do some serious shopping in order to garner the best listening experience possible? Well, Sleek Audio understands how you feel about that, and has released their highly anticipated SA1 wireless compatible earphones which offers above average audio quality without breaking the bank, guaranteed to put a smile on your face in the process. The SA1 offers wireless flexibility, tuning technology and stunning performance in a single package, so read on to find out more about it.

Those who are familiar with Sleek Audio will notice that the SA1 does draw some inspiration from the company’s first product that hit the market in 2008, the groundbreaking SA6 earphone, which was touted to be the world’s first acoustically customizable and wireless compatible earphone. In fact, that pair boasted performance and innovation that helped it pick up the Popular Science “Best of What’s New” award for 2008. As for the SA1, it bosats a wooden body that has the similar patented cable design as found in the revolutionary SA6 as well as the CT6, and is compatible with Sleek Audio’s Kleer wireless system.

According to Jason Krywko, COO of Sleek Audio “Our number one priority is developing amazing sounding earphones that offer more to music lovers in terms of performance, style and comfort. The SA1 does just that, and was developed specifically to allow more people to enjoy our award winning products than ever before.”

Audio-wise, the SA1 utilizes a first-of-its-kind, custom tuned 6mm dynamic driver for surprising bass impact, stunning clarity and balanced sound signatures. It also forms part of the VQ system line, where listeners are allowed to adjust the frequency response of the earphone with treble tuning options. Depending on your preference, the SA1 can function as a wireless earphone or a wired one.

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