Map Hole: A manhole cover that gives directions

by Mark R

map_holeIf you walk on many city streets, you will often see the street name carved in the street itself.

I’m guessing that is there for tourists who have lost their way, and designer Jaie Kwon has figured out a way for people to have a better sense of direction.

It’s called the Map Hole, and it is designed to turn an ordinary sewer cover (politically correct word for manhole cover) into a round map and compass.

I’m not certain if you can see this in the photo, but it has a location carved onto the metal itself, a direction where the landmark is, and the time it will take to get there (presumably by walking).

Well, as someone who has visited many a big city, I can see the merits of the Map Hole. However, it’s pretty easy to see the drawbacks of it.

It would be pretty easy for any prankster to turn the Map Hole in whatever direction he or she liked, which would confuse a lot of people.

Of course, I can think of a semi-easy fix to that. Just change the entrance so the Map Hole cover only fits in a certain direction. That, or just paint an arrow on the street, and make certain an arrow on a Map Hole lines up in that same direction.


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