LightSleeper uses light to help you sleep


If you’re having issues with getting to sleep at night, there’s another gadget out there that you could give a try.  After all, it’d be better than laying around in a sleep clinic and told to try to sleep while you’re on one of the most uncomfortable beds ever created.  Admittedly this method is a bit strange, but it’s worth a shot.  The LightSleeper actually uses light to help you sleep, which might seem a bit backwards.  If it works though, then it doesn’t really matter how odd it seems.

The gadget projects a light image onto the ceiling.  It moves in a circular motion above your bed and after you follow the light with your eyes for a few minutes, you’ll begin to fall asleep.  If you wake back up again, you just tap the gadget and it’ll start the process over again.  Then after it’s been running for 30 minutes, it’ll kick off automatically.  You can purchase the gadget for £125 or about $209.

Source: Ubergizmo