SecureShot clock is nanny-cam with Atomic Clock

by Mark R

nannycam-thumb-542x426-28461This next product must be for those who really want more control in their life. The SecureShot is a way for you to watch others, and it has an atomic clock.

I suppose you could call it a Nanny-cam, just like the one seen in Meet the Parents and The Nanny Diaries. Unlike the cameras put on stuffed animals, this one looks like an ordinary clock.

Assuming you think that an atomic clock is ordinary. Yes, this is one of those clocks that will always be accurate, and if the batteries run out, the clock will be back on time when they get replaced. Looks like it can also do the temperature as well.

As for the camera itself, it can sense body heat from 30 feet away, and then starts to film. It can shoot 20 hours of 640 x 480 video onto an inserted SD memory card. Hopefully, that is enough time to get the footage that you need. By the way, it can run for a year on the included Li-ion battery.

So for all you control freaks who need security camera footage with an always accurate timestamp should head over to the Marquis Security Cameras site and lay down $649. Hey, I didn’t say that this type of control would be cheap.


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Secure Nanny Cam Says: April 19, 2010 at 10:14 am

That sounds like a great little cam. I love the idea about sensing body heat to begin recording. Not entirely sure how that’s superior to motion-activated recording, but I’m a bit of a tech geek. 🙂

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