3D Interactive Smart Globe


3d-interactive-smart-globeFor parents who want to make sure that their kids get a decent head start in life when it comes to education, the 3D Interactive Smart Globe might help in their quest a wee bit, at least from the geographical point of view.

Simply pick up the remote-control Smart Pen and get started – touching the control panel and any country will give you masses of useful info about whatever you touch. Currency, capital cities, national anthems, history, current leaders, in fact, anything you could conceivably want to know about world geography. We rather loved the ‘find the city’ game, where the globe announces city names and you have to find them and touch them with the magic pen as fast as possible – and there are loads of other games that had us wasting way too much time (but in an educational way). There are around 30 other similar games to keep you on your toes, too. What’s more, the pull-out map of the UK reveals another surface the Smart Pen can tell you about in great detail.

This interactive educational toy is much better than a regular textbook or encyclopedia – after all, you don’t have to fork out money every few years to update the information within as that can be done electronically through a USB cable that is hooked up to your computer. All you need to do is register your globe online, and your Smart Pen will immediately start to receive world news updates and any information changes. Truly fascinating, and for just £99.99, we’d say this is money well spent.

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