T-Mobile offers Samsung Behold II

behold2T-Mobile USA is offering yet another Android-powered smartphone when November 18 rolls around Stateside, in the form of the Samsung Behold II. This is a full touchscreen smartphone that aims to live up to expectations of it being a multimedia powerhouse, where it will deliver fast Web and data supported by Wi-Fi connectivity and T-Mobile’s high-speed 3G network. Available from T-Mobile on an exclusive basis, the Behold II holds the distinction of being the first phone from T-Mobile that boasts a 3.2″ AMOLED screen which allows for crisper colors and wider viewing angles. When paired with a 5-megapixel camera that has autofocus, zoom, flash, five shooting modes and video capabilities, you know you’ll have a rocking good time with the Samsung Behold II right from the moment it is removed from its box. Apart from that, the Behold II will rely on Samsung’s intuitive cube menu while offering quick access to a half dozen multimedia features which are frequently accessed by most people includingmusic, photos, videos, the Web, YouTube and Amazon MP3 for music downloads.

The Android-powered handset will rely on Samsung’s innovative TouchWiz user interface which makes room for easy customization via movable widgets and one-touch access. There are also three different home screens to choose from depending on your mood, where each of them can be used to organize multiple workspaces with favorite widgets and application shortcuts.

The Samsung Behold II will also come with integrated Google mobile services like Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube and Google Talk, with more than ample room for thousands of applications and games which can be downloaded from Android Market. With Wi-Fi connectivity turned on, you can also access personal e-mail and corporate e-mail with Exchange ActiveSync, in addition to instant messaging, text, picture and video messaging. Other features that you can expect to see on the Behold II comprise of assisted GPS, Bluetooth 2.1, visual voicemail and a microSD memory card slot.

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  1. I ordered mine today so hope to get started within the next few days. Can’t wait to take a crack at the Samsung Behold II. From what I read on http://www.Behold-Android.com, The Behold II include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1, GPS, a 5-megapixel camera, and up 16GB expandable memory via the microSD slot. Samsung stated that the smartphone follows on the success of its Samsung Behold and takes it to the next level with the addition of Android, bringing support for Google services and Exchange ActiveSync.

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