iMAT from SkyCross


The introduction of Wi-Fi cards and chipsets in notebooks alongside smartphones have been a great boon since their inception, and many strides have been made since then with Bluetooth functionality being thrown into the bigger picture as well. While the majority of today’s chipsets are full well capable of supporting both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity simultaneously, the antenna has proved to be the industry’s roadblock. SkyCross aims to change that scenario with the iMAT, being the industry’s first single-antenna solution which is capable of offering over 35 dB of isolation between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to enable coexistence even in compact devices including netbooks.

What does SkyCross’ award-winning iMAT technology entail? Well, iMAT is a design technique which allows a single antenna element with multiple feed points to function in a similar manner to that of multiple antennas, where each of them will come with very high isolation. This will obviously reap multiple benefits with iMAT, where some of these include consolidating the number of antennas required in a device, further reducing the specific absorption rate (SAR) and eliminating RF components among others. This instance sees iMAT enabling a single antenna to have one feed dedicated to Wi-Fi while the other feed is shared with Bluetooth that will rely on the chipset providers’ time-sharing and adaptive frequency hopping algorithms. This makes it possible to operate both simultaneously in an extremely cramped space.

According to Joe Gifford, Vice President of SkyCross, “Our antennas differentiate netbook brands by maximizing their connectivity range and enabling optimal simultaneous functionality at an equivalent price, which pleases consumers. Seamless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth coexistence opens the door for new applications and a user experience that will propel netbook brand loyalty.”

SkyCross recently demonstrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth coexistence with the iMAT single-antenna 35 dB solution using 802.11n Bluetooth Mini-Card modules successfully across several brands of netbooks within an office environment.

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