The Dwarf 360° Omni-Directional USB Powered Vibrating Speaker

by Ally


If you’re ever in the situation where you need your speakers to play to a full room of people, something with a 360° design like this one could make things easier.  It’s not the most powerful speaker out there, but if you need to use it for a quick presentation, it would be handy.  You could also use it for music when you need something extra to listen to with a group of friends.

The device uses a tumbler design that’s supposed to be based on cutting edge technology that was created for the USA Navy.  It comes only in the black with the metallic accents and includes a USB cable.  That cable is the source of the speaker’s power.  The speaker is said to have “excellent sound and bass 360 omni-directional sound”.  Then again, who actually says that their speaker has ok sound qaulity?  You can purchase the speaker for the very affordable $24.79 through Amazon.

Source: CraziestGadgets

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